Community Projects

Each year participants in Leadership Monterey Peninsula embark upon class projects that are aimed to fill a need in the community.  Most years teams of 4-6 class members complete 5-6 projects over the 10 month program.  Below are the projects alphabetical order.


2-1-1 Information and Referral Line
Description: The 2-1-1 information referral system is designed to facilitate access to social and health service providers for those in need by providing an easy-to-remember, central point of contact for referral to a wide range of services
ProjectID: 05-3
Class Year: 2005
Project Team:Debbie Jones, Michael Rigsby, Alicera Vaewsorn, Maria A.Y. Garcia, Keith Kuwatani

Affordable Housing on the Monterey Peninsula 1984
Description: High-level study of affordable housing in Monterey County, specifically Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Sand City, Seaside, Marina, Del Rey Oaks. Report considers existing and planned affordable housing, providing data on average income level and housing costs.
ProjectID: 84-4
Class Year: 1984
Project Team: Janet Wall, Pam Musgrave, Tom Scanlon, Vivian Baker

Affordable Housing 101
Description: The purpose of our project is to explore the current situation regarding affordable, housing in Monterey County, and to provide a comprehensive tool for community members who, want to locate and understand the affordable housing options open to them.
ProjectID: 2004-4
Class Year: 2004
Project Team: Becky Jones, Stephen Smith, Dustin Cook, Bruce Delgado, Joshua Ramey-Renk

Bringing Down the Lettuce Curtain
Description: The Lettuce Curtain team produced a 15-minute video documentary, “The Lettuce Talk Steinbeck Student Video Exchange,” about the students’ experience during the two days they shot their videos. The Project’s sponsor established a website for the Lettuce Talk project to document its progress. Check out their website, for more information.
ProjectID: 08-1
Class Year: 2008
Project Team: Tess Alcantara, Megan Heath, Chris Illig, Daisy Noguera, Jeanne Wallace

Building Leadership Skills for Community Youth
Description: Curriculum, leadership Skills Guide and presentation materials to be utilized at King Middle School for their Leadership Class in order to encourage and promote self-confidence, basic social skills and life skills.
ProjectID: 99-1
Class Year: 1999
Project Team: Janna Aldrete, Judy Almond, Marion Gellatly, Susan Brown, Vernell Daniels

Carmel Trolley Project
Description: The purpose of the trolley service is to increase tourism, provide a free, attractive, convenient, efficient and enjoyable ride to move people specifically throughout the commercial district and the local sights exclusively in Carmel-by-the-Sea while introducing them to the variety of shops, restaurants and inns on and off of the main streets. Easing parking, reducing the environmental impact of cars, supporting local businesses, attracting visitors and enhancing the visitor experience are primary benefits.
ProjectID: 2009-1
Class Year: 2009
Project Team: Laura Franklin, Jennifer Martinez, David Olsen, Karen Sharp

Central Coast Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice
Description: The goal of the Leadership Monterey Peninsula Central Coast Visiting Nurse Association Adult Day Centers project (“Project”) is to increase enrollment at each of the four Adult Day Programs.
ProjectID: 08-5
Class Year: 2008
Project Team: Sheri Benham, Marcie Castro, Heather Doorlag, Vickie Hoy, Kelly Boley Pavlovsky, Jerry Pearman, Mary Warburton

Child Care: Options for Employers and Employees on the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Employer’s Guide to child care options and resources for businesses and employees to obtain quality child care and descriptions of the benefits for providing employees some form of child care assistance.
ProjectID: 89-3
Class Year: 1989
Project Team: Dominic Taddeucci, Gayle Walsh, J. Stewart Fuller, Mike Armstrong, Vivien Hao Lauster

Cities Working Together
Description: As the economic recession deepens, cooperation among local governments has become a necessity to continue vital government functions and preserve jobs. Additionally, identifying cost saving measures through cooperation or consolidation is smart government. Thus, six members of the 2009 class of Leadership Monterey Peninsula embarked on a community service project to help Monterey Peninsula cities and Salinas identify potential areas of collaboration and create mechanisms to facilitate such collaboration.
ProjectID: 2009-3
Class Year: 2009
Project Team: Laura Burian, Katharine Daniels Kurz, Kelly Heinrich, Ernesto Heres, John Lewis, Janie Rommel-Eichorn

Community of Caring Success Stories
Description: Our project was to highlight success stories of various community members from throughout the Monterey Peninsula in order to clearly articulate the mission and values of Community of Caring.
ProjectID: 2003-1
Class Year: 2003
Project Team: Shawna Hershfield, Diane Kelley, Sue Miess, Trish Parris, Tom Petersen Russ Volckrnann

Community of Caring “Tool Box”
Description: The Community of Caring “Tool Box” is designed to assist the community, families, non-profit groups, faith based groups, businesses, schools, or neighborhoods, with different ways of promoting Community of Caring’s core values; the values of caring, respect, trust, responsibility, and a sense of family. This toolbox may be adapted into the training program in order to make Community of Caring a more “community-centric” organization.
ProjectID: 2002-3
Class Year: 2002
Project Team:

Community Partnerships
Description: Outreach project soliciting input from the community and create new Leadership Monterey Peninsula class project opportunities. Group sent over 200 questionnaires to local community agencies. Responses are not included in the report.
ProjectID: 90-5
Class Year: 1990
Project Team: George Molano, John Light, Laurence Walker II, Sandra Kasky, Terri Fry

Community Project Assessment
Description: Analysis of LMP Community Projects, community benefits, customer benefits and participant benefits. Project includes suggestions and guidelines to maximize benefits for all groups.
ProjectID: 01-4
Class Year: 2001
Project Team: Dick Grahlman, Doug Holtzman, Eileen Kirby, Fred Drake

Community University Gardens
Description: Establish a community garden for university students as well as individuals from Marina and the surrounding communities to ease the transition of Fort Ord to a college campus. Site location of 12th Street, Marina on the former Fort Ord.
ProjectID: 96-4
Class Year: 1996
Project Team: Betsey Mattson, Ed Johnson, Rick Brown Jr., Sally Smith

Directory of Governmental and Quasi-Governmental Agencies on the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Listings of city, federal, regional and state agencies which serve the Monterey Peninsula. Each entry contains address, phone number, chief executive officer, budget, source of funding, mission statement, and other information.
ProjectID: 93-4
Class Year: 1993
Project Team: Andrew Haslett, John Hinrichs, Rachel Mosqueda, William Reichmuth

Directory of Women’s Resources and Activities on the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Manual of Women’s Activities and Resources on the Monterey Peninsula. Manual includes activities and resources in four major categories. Professional groups and activities,
ProjectID: 86-6
Class Year: 1986
Project Team: Kathryn Badon, Linda Lamb, Sara Boyns

Eco-Tourism in Monterey County
Description: A comprehensive guide to the environmental attractions Monterey County and publish the guide to educate local residents and visitors about the vast array of ecological attractions in Monterey County.
ProjectID: 92-3
Class Year: 1992
Project Team: Julie Armstrong, Linda Wight, Maggie Hardy, Marcia Hardy, Ruth Buell

Eco-Tourism in Monterey County – Guidebook

“Education-driven Economy” Economic Development & Vitality Through Higher Education & Research
Description: The purpose of this project is to find the role higher education and research can play in impacting long-term regional economic development. The purpose is to document where the region is now on this issue, as seen by principal actors on the scene, and to offer insights into where it might be headed in the future, with the aim of fostering discussion, agreement and forward movement toward a shared vision.
ProjectID: 05-4
Class Year: 2005
Project Team: Warren Anderson, Tracy Hammond, Deirdre Means, Rose Moreno, Lou Panetta, Rick Williams

Educational Resources on the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Overview of the educational opportunities on the Monterey Peninsula, including private schools, public schools and the institutions of higher education. intended to serve as a resource for newcomers to the Monterey Area.
ProjectID: 86-5
Class Year: 1986
Project Team: Gayle Sanborn, Judy Telfer, Linda Morris, Mara Cantor

ElderCare Outreach: Bringing People Together
Description: Project to link various service groups to elderly residents of identified assisted living facilities who have no family or friends for companionship.
ProjectID: 01-3
Class Year: 2001
Project Team: Julie Filizetti, Lora Lee Martin, Matthias Kim, Scott Morris, Trace Carter

ElderCare Outreach
Description: This was a continuation of the project from last year with the goal to create a visitation program for isolated seniors. After reviewing past progress, it was realized that the present need was not to create a program or to recruit volunteers, but for better sharing of information about existing services among agencies and for more training and education. To help facilitate that, representatives from social service agencies were brought together in a roundtable forum to discuss collaborative ways to better leverage resources.
ProjectID: 02-4
Class Year: 2002
Project Team: Richard Smith, Linda Stiehl, Francy Maring, Anne Auburn, Steve McShane

An English and Literacy Program for the Hospitality Industry: A Blueprint for Action
Description: Establish a resource guide and action plan for local hospitality industry employers to create in-house English/Literacy programs for ESL employees.
ProjectID: 91-4
Class Year: 1991
Project Team: Henrietta Stern, John T. Donnelly, Rosemary Hernandez, Toni Teel

Environment Subcommittee Final Report
Description: Proposal to establish a curriculum day for future LMP classes on the quality, uniqueness and impacts to the regional natural environment of the Monterey Peninsula. Includes a “test” given to LMP class members and community officials on environmental issues and a score comparison.
ProjectID: 90-3
Class Year: 1990
Project Team: Marguerite King, Mary Masten, Ronald Baker, Rudy Proctor Sr., Sydney Lynn Tabler, Tim Jensen

Establishment of Marketing Plan for the Monterey Maritime Museum and History Center
Description: Marketing Plan to establish the Monterey Maritime Museum and History Center as the information and resource focal point for visitors and residents seeking to explore the heritage of the Monterey Peninsula and Bay to include historical, environmental, maritime and cultural information and activities.
ProjectID: 91-1
Class Year: 1991
Project Team: Bob Mulford, Corey Brunson, Dan Brown, Georgia J. Nachtman, Mitch Brown, Tom Burns, Walter E. Gourlay

ExCEL Monterey Bay: Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership
Description: Developed a leadership training course for California State Monterey Bay to start Fall 1998, including theoretical and practical topics as well as community leaders as guest instructors.
ProjectID: 98-2
Class Year: 1998
Project Team: Christopher Taranto, Dionne Ybarra-Greenberg, Raul Lopez, Ruta Casablanca

Environmental PSAs Project
Description:To organize, research, write, produce and distribute radio and TV Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that educate the public about environmental concerns, especially storm water runoff.
ProjectID: 2007-8
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: Tana Marie Misrack, Mike Dawson

Fifth Quarter Program: Seaside High School
Description: Project developed a “Fifth Quarter” program for teens to enjoy a safe place to socialize following football games. Project includes needs assessment, alternative program structuring, overview of the process to develop the program and the implementation.
ProjectID: 91-5
Class Year: 1991
Project Team: Charlene Webber Schuss, Chris Mayhew, Janet Van Bibber, Kathryn McKenna

GPS To Improve Public Safety Response Time in Carmel-by-the-Sea
Description: The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea does not have street addresses and both the Fire and Police Departments have maintained a culture of locating businesses and residences during emergencies without the use of street addresses. The current emergency response time is between 2 to 4 minutes. However, the absence of street addresses has brought into question whether emergency response times can be improved. A Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping system is being considered as the potential state-of-the-art system that can be used to map out the City digitally.
ProjectID: 2007-7
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: Heidi Burch, Michael Kirch, Kari Miglaw, Karen Sonnergren

Grant Writing Project
Project team developed a model for grant writing, provided recommendations to the Leadership Monterey Peninsula directors to enhance future operations and completed two grant requests.
ProjectID: 98-1
Class Year: 1998
Project Team: Darnell Whitt, Jack Isler, Laura Hurley, Lynn Shiffman, Patricia Deal, Stephanie Locke

The Graying of the Monterey Peninsula: A Project for Leadership Monterey Peninsula 1989
Description: Study of the aging demographic on the Monterey Peninsula, the issues it raises. Contains review of literature, information regarding local agencies and resources, and survey data.
ProjectID: 89-1
Class Year: 1989
Project Team: Linda Lee Myers, Lynn Swerrie, Mary Claypool, Philip Sanders, Reg Henry, Stewart Roth

Green Leadership
Description: As the Monterey Peninsula grows, sustainability and green practice are becoming increasingly important for individuals, businesses, organizations and local government. Issues like energy efficiency, environmental health, green construction and design, land use, organic agriculture and water use are emerging as top priorities for area residents. Our community and its leaders will need to better understand these issues and be prepared to address the associated challenges by using local resources and engaging organizations and businesses specializing in related services and solutions.
ProjectID: 08-4
Class Year: 2008
Project Team: Shirley Coly, Ann Flower, Rob Nicely, Nancy Scholink, Jodi Stiles, Nick Tomb, Amy Treadwell

Grocery Shopping for Seniors
Description: Create a program whereby low-income seniors and disabled individuals can order groceries and have them delivered to their home on a weekly basis for the price of the groceries. The program would be conducted by an existing agency that already works with either seniors or volunteers or both. A model for the program is the Shopping Assistance for Seniors who are Homebound (SASH) program in San Mateo County.
ProjectID: 2004-2
Class Year: 2004
Project Team: Rob Donaldson, Debbie Hale, Jesse Martinez, Ruth Rachel, Shari Roehl, Sue Stryker

A Guide to Starting or Relocating a Business on the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Guide to assist the business person with a checklist necessary to obtain necessary permits and approvals for conducting business in Monterey County, including Carmel-By-the-Sea, Del Rey Oaks, Monterey, Monterey County, Marina, Pacific Grove, Sand City and Seaside.
ProjectID: 85-3
Class Year: 1985
Project Team: Dan Fletcher, Larry Foy, Marabee Boone, Natalie Tunney, William Jespersen

A Handbook/Guide for the Working Parent on the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Profile of working parent demographics of the Monterey Peninsula, offering statistics, encouragement, resources and support.
ProjectID: 86-2
Class Year: 1986
Project Team: Barbara Holine, Carol Kelley, Doug Robertson, Vicki Vaughn

Higher Education & Research Summit
Description: The diversity of institutions, as well as their academic and programmatic excellence, contributes positively to the intellectual, economic, social, and cultural life of this region. We would like to identify and analyze these contributions in order to give further visibility to the relationships among these institutions, to encourage even stronger ties within this group, and to provide the leadership of these institutions some suggestions about how to eliminate obstacles to partnerships and provide incentives for collaboration.
ProjectID: 2003-3
Class Year: 2003
Project Team: Amy Crain, Pete Dausen, Greg Mislick, James Rollins, Ken Schipper, Warren Yu

Homeless Shelter Committee: Final Report
Description: Feasibility study for the creation of a daytime drop-in shelter to serve homeless persons on the Peninsula. Project includes both findings of the study and a preliminary proposal for two daytime drop-in shelters.
ProjectID: 90-2
Class Year: 1990
Project Team: Bruce Johnson, Christopher Harris, Royce Porter, Tia Gindick

Hospitality Industry Waste Reduction Education Project

Housing for Limited Income Families
Description: Brochure and Report to supply information regarding affordable housing including agencies and government offices working with the problem, causes and survey responses.
ProjectID: 88-4
Class Year: 1988
Project Team: Janet Judd, Marjorie Missig, Mary Ann Brinton

Identifying Needs and Leaders: The Center for the Arts
Description: Survey of the physical needs of arts groups regarding a Center and identification of potential leaders and leadership vehicles to carry forward the “banner” for the center in a way that stimulates momentum on the part of individuals, groups, and agencies toward the goal of creating a Center for the Arts.
ProjectID: 89-4
Class Year: 1989
Project Team: Brian Steen, Janet Esary, Robert Abinante, Susan DuMond

Indoor Air Quality Awareness in Schools
Description: Develop and implementation plan for the “Tools for Schools” program of the American Lung Association. Improve the environmental condition of schools in Monterey County through educating school personnel, administrators and parents.
ProjectID: 99-2
Class Year: 1999
Project Team: James Rossen, Jill Levine, Patricia Beebe, Robert Emanuel, Suzanne Frueh

Description: To give high school students a brief and interesting introduction to career options and by extension serve some of the needs of the area’s educational institutions and workforce needs.
ProjectID: 07-6
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: Amber Perez, Elisabeth Russell, Paul Farmer, Robert Cline

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool Expansion Needs
Description: The mission for this project was to research the feasibility of expanding the outreach capabilities of the Kernes Memorial Pool facility to serve more residents of Monterey County.
ProjectID: 06-2
Class Year: 2006
Project Team: Andrea Mennenga, Christina Callahan, Nancy Cox, Lisa Rheinheimer, Connie Sergot, Joyce Simon

Junior LMP
Description: The Junior Leadership Program is designed to educate and enhance the Junior and Senior high school student’s awareness of the role of leadership in the community and to educate them on how they can make a contribution.
Project ID: 93-7
Class Year: 1993
Project Team: Class of 1993

Leadership Monterey Business Trends 2000
Description: Project investigated high-level business trends on the Monterey Peninsula, culminating in a power point presentation.
ProjectID: 00-1
Class Year: 2000
Project Team: Unknown

Leadership Monterey Peninsula Board Bank Feasibility Study
Description: Project assesses the need for a Board Bank on the Monterey Peninsula to link trained community volunteers with the non-profit or public service organizations that need them. Board Banks train candidates to serve on Boards of Directors or Committees.
ProjectID: 91-2
Class Year: 1991
Project Team: Bob Harr, Jody Parsons, Mary Ann Leffel, Mary Barros-Bailey, Patrick Brodrick, Tom Long

LMP Higher Education and Research Institution: The Video
Description: the Goal was to breath life into the groundbreaking study by last year’s LMP workgroup: CuItivating Economic Vitaliw Through Higher Education & Research. We decided a video would be the best medium to capture the data and vitality. We would use the institution’s leaders themselves to describe the world class programs, economic bases, and distinctive spirit of collaboration.
ProjectID: 2004-5
Class Year: 2004
Project Team:

Leadership Monterey Peninsula (LMP) Internet Home Page
Description: Benefit cost of creating a homepage for Leadership Monterey Peninsula on the web.
ProjectID: 96-2
Class Year: 1996
Project Team: Carla Sue Martin, Chris Lombardo, Marsha Leadingham, Selden W.Smith, Sheri Smith Moreau

LMP – Youth Program Business Plan
Description: LMP – Youth (LMP-Y) is a nonprofit organization providing educational programs that are both meaningful and relevant to the young people who live in and around the Monterey County region. The primary goal of LMP-Y is to advance the leadership skills of young people by offering them a greater understanding of the issues facing the community in which they live. The ultimate objective of the program is to inspire the participants of LMP-Y to become involved with their community at an earlier age.
ProjectID: 08-3
Class Year: 2008
Project Team: Cathy Camp, Russell Fletcher, Robert Greathouse, Lori Silver, Robert Weber

Leadership Monterey Peninsula Youth Leadership Program
Description: The overarching purpose of the proposed Leadership Monterey Peninsula-Youth Leadership Program is to help ensure the continuation of informed, quality leadership for the future by creating an environment for young individuals to develop leadership skills and a commitment to the well being and heritage of the community.
ProjectID: 2003-2
Class Year: 2003
Project Team: Kelly Baldwin, Anne McMath, Yesenia Calderon, Paula Oswald, Robert Hale, Monta Potter, Steve Iatrou, Joanne Webster

LMP Youth Leadership
Description: To maximize the potential for promising young people to take on active leadership roles in their community that will continue through their adult life.
ProjectID: 2009-6
Class Year: 2009
Project Team: Travis Armstrong, Charla Britt, April Lee, Beth Roszman, Joseph Santiago, Olivia Weatherbee

Lend A Hand Project
Description: The purpose of this project was to validate a list of non-profit organizations that meet Lend A Hand’s criteria for supportive, safe and meaningful teen volunteer opportunities. The intent was to provide an online resource for teens to use in fulfilling their community service requirements for graduation.
ProjectID: 07-1
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: Stephanie Chrietzberg, Denise Kaku, Richard Llantero, Julia Sandelman, Grace Thomson

Living Treasures of the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Project to bring Senior residents of the Monterey Peninsula together with 4th grade classes in order to enrich student appreciation of history and their Monterey heritage.
ProjectID: 89-5
Class Year: 1989
Project Team: Betty Rodden, David Matthews, Jane Sullivan, Jo Day, Mary Flaig

Living Treasures: A History of California Fishing, a Monterey Bay Perspective
Description: A curriculum designed to complement elementary student studies of California history from the perspective of Monterey Bay. Curriculum includes a four-hour field trip to the Monterey Maritime Museum & Municipal Wharf #2, an interview and hands on net mending demonstration with local fisherman, teacher references and a student packet.
ProjectID: 00-2
Class Year: 2000
Project Team: Gordon Hamilton, Louri Ruiz, Paul Congo, Phyllis Grillo-Weinbrenner, Therese Beauclair

Merchant Opinion Survey of the Impact of the Aquarium on Business in Cannery Row 1985
Description: Impact of the Aquarium and changes in parking and other situations impacting local business. Includes survey data gathered from businesses in the Cannery Row Area.
ProjectID: 85-1
Class Year: 1985
Project Team: Alice Kinsler, Denise Duffy-O’Toole, Emily Hull-Parsons, James Porter, Sandra Forman

Monterey Association of Cultural Institutions 1997-1998 Strategy Report
Description: Project designed to build consensus among the Monterey Association of Cultural Institutions (MACI) on the mission and goals of the organization and to provide guidance to the MACI on developing an Action Plan to implement the organization’s goals.
ProjectID: 97-2
Class Year: 1997
Project Team: Christine Campbell, Dorothy Laage, Mark Thoreson, Robert Ward, Vicki Streeter

Monterey County Community Initiative for Volunteer and Civic Information
During a disaster or emergency good communication is the most important characteristic of success. Within Monterey County there are many different groups, including governmental, private, and non-profit organizations, that can be utilized to come to the aid of our residents, visitors, and animals. Although training and exercises provide some connections within and between these organizations, additional enhancements and increases in communication provide personal contacts and allow for increased awareness of available resources and groups. This networking can help to coordinate activities during an emergency or disaster.
ProjectID: 2009-2
Class Year: 2009
Project Team: Mary Bronzan, Stephanie Kister, Mary Lonergan, Bryan Rees, Dawn Wilson

Monterey County Higher Education Leadership Project (McHELP)
Description: The team designed the concept of the Monterey County Higher Education Leadership Project (McHELP) and developed it into a nonprofit public benefit corporation. The purpose of the corporation will be to not only act as a public relations funding vehicle for the area education and research institutions, but also function as a consulting resource for the Monterey County Education Cluster.
ProjectID: 2007-2
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: David Anderson, Julie Cavassa, Jane Fleming, Paula Jordanek, John Maddock, Tom Mastre, Wanda Pan-Christiansen, Jeffrey Wood

Monterey County Science & Engineering Fair Student Mentoring Program
Description: Project to define a sustainable process to match willing mentors with students to provide guidance in the successful creation of Monterey County Science & Engineering Fair projects with the ultimate goal to stimulate students’ scientific interests and curiosity.
ProjectID: 93-3
Class Year: 1993
Project Team: Amy Fletcher, Bard Mansager, Gary Iversen, Marilyn Juricic, Patrick Vaughn

Monterey Peninsula Multi-Cultural Resource Guide
Description: Multi-cultural resource guide listing various cultural organizations and clubs, including programs offered and contacts.
ProjectID: 86-1
Class Year: 1986
Project Team: Charles Lee, Doris Jones, Melanie Bassett Farone

Monterey Peninsula Public School Trifurcation
Description: Comparative analysis of three districts on the Peninsula focusing on the pros and cons of unification vs. maintaining three separate school districts.
ProjectID: 86-3
Class Year: 1986
Project Team: Bill McCrone, Fabia Massaro, Jay Roland, John Gardella, Tomika Dew

Monterey Peninsula Social & Community Service Agencies
Description: Directory of Social and Community Service Agencies describing what each does and providing contact information for each.
ProjectID: 83-1
Class Year: 1983
Project Team: Shay Adams, T.J. Polite, Sharon Dellsohn, Ralph Bailey, Paul W. Davis, Paul Fingerote, Ned Thomas, Neal Owens, Michael Milligan, Michael Longobardo, Lucetta Merrill, Donna M. Johnston, Leslie Johnson Kelsay, Tracey Manning, Chuck Della Sala, Ben Heinrich, Frank Lynch, Ira Lively, Jack White, James Scott, John Fishel, John Kruzava, Christopher Manke

Monterey Youth, Inc.
Description: MY Inc believes that our youth should start life equipped with general knowledge in basic life skills. It is our mission to serve as a resource to foster an awareness that will connect Monterey Youth to general life skill programs including money management and career development from within and beyond our community.
ProjectID: 06-4
Class Year: 2006
Project Team: Josaf Rodriguez, Heidi Daunt Cristofer Cabanillas, Karen Calley, Sarah Tezak

Needs Assessment/Feasibility study for Public Access TV (PATV) in the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Complete feasibility study for a Public Access Television Station that would broadcast in Monterey County. Study examines need, federal and state regulation, and the potential positive impacts of PATV in Monterey County.
ProjectID: 92-2
Class Year: 1992
Project Team: Barbara Cole, Carmelita Garcia, David Shoemaker, Jennifer Padron

Nonprofit Center Corporation of Monterey County Feasibility Study
Description: Research project to assist the Nonprofit Center Corporation of Monterey County in understanding the needs of the prospective tenants (local nonprofit organizations) and the impact of selecting Mariposa Hall as the site for the Nonprofit Center.
ProjectID: 90-4
Class Year: 1990
Project Team: Ann Tipton, Becky Allen, Karen Fulton, Monica Haisch, Richard Ardern, Ross Ramsey, Todd McCoy

Nonprofit Center Corporation of Monterey County Feasibility Study
Full Report

Nonprofit Marketing
Description: This project seeks to make a contribution to the community in the area of nonprofit marketing by: 1. adding to the body of local research available on this problem; and 2. using LMP – a small, minimally staffed and modestly funded nonprofit – as a test case toward developing a costeffective model for better organizational and service visibility in the interests of maximum service utilization.
ProjectID: 2004-3
Class Year: 2004
Project Team: Brian Coughlan, Mikey Hagerty, Josh Karanis, Erin Morita, Al Paschke Chip Rerig, Bill Wiltschko

Our Kids Need to Know
Description: Program to education children about HIV/AIDS by linking the Monterey County AIDS Project with local schools.
ProjectID: 93-6
Class Year: 1993
Project Team: Daniel Reynolds, Jacolyn Harmer, Sandi Kimoto Eason

Parent Networks
Description: Introduced the concept of “Parent Networks”, an adaptation of program started in Anchorage, Alaska to fight youth crime through parent involvement. Project developed a brochure with 10,000 copies in English and Spanish, as well as meetings to introduce the idea to local schools.
ProjectID: 00-3
Class Year: 2000
Project Team: Donald Kremer, Frances Mosher, Jennifer Svihus, Mary Ann Bartram, Shaw Dunton

Path II Success: Career Day for Fitch Middle School
Description: Transportable program designed to introduce eighth graders to the full range of career paths open to them by creating a partnership with business leaders to bring their experiences and knowledge into the classroom.
ProjectID: 96-1
Class Year: 1996
Project Team: Doug Kuepfer, Evelyn Ray-Rogers, Gail Johnson, Mickey McGee, Sue Johnson

Profile of Visitors to the Monterey Aquarium
Description: A study of Monterey Bay Aquarium Visitors, who they are, where they live, where they stay while visiting Monterey and the general opinion on the parking situation. Includes a media scrapbook of articles written October 1984 through March 1985.
ProjectID: 85-2
Class Year: 1985
Project Team: Carol Huntington, George Lear, Ruth Courtney

Project Homeless Connect
Description: We worked with local homeless service providers to replicate a model that originated in San Francisco, for a one-day, one-stop services fair for homeless people in the Salinas area. The fair that we helped organize took place on Tuesday, April 17 at Sherwood Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We had 143 volunteers, 28 services and about 129 participants attend this event.
ProjectID: 07-3
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: Pat Rutowski, Mary Archer,Mark Weller

Quality of Life: How High School Students View their Lives on the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Survey of high school seniors’ perception of their quality of life. Surveyed schools include Carmel, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, and local private schools.
ProjectID: 88-5
Class Year: 1988
Project Team: Christina Danley, David McIntyre, Marnie Mark Gustafson, Neil Thompson

Relocators’ Resource Center
Description: Study of the needs of those that relocate to the Monterey Area and the resources available, as well as a discussion of the pros and cons of developing a relocators’ resource center.
ProjectID: 92-4
Class Year: 1992
Project Team: Cynthia Stormer, Dennis Riley, Frank Geisler, James Penprase, Robert Kolb

Rides for Elderly, Frail Elderly & Handicapped
Description: Survey of elderly users of subsidized transportation programs, needs and wishes.
ProjectID: 84-2
Class Year: 1984
Project Team: Annie Bodden Searles, Judy Brooke-Green, Leonard O’Neill, Sidney Sue Slade

Description: Pilot project designed to broaden the community’s understanding of rivers and water shed areas to the Monterey Peninsula region.
ProjectID: 98-3
Class Year: 1998
Project Team: Leslie Navari, Martha Pike, Paula Hunt, Robin Salsburg

School Volunteer Partnership Program
Description: Feasibility study of developing and implementing a community-wide partnership program between the schools of Monterey Peninsula and the untapped potential citizenry of volunteers.
ProjectID: 93-5
Class Year: 1993
Project Team: Bruce Dini, David Fortune, Mickey Wilson, Shirley Hansen, Susan Kendall

Second Helpings
Description: Survey of local hospitality industry to raise awareness and determine willingness to participate in a food donation program where leftover prepared or perishable food is donated to people in need.
ProjectID: 92-5
Class Year: 1992
Project Team: Christopher Johnson, Jill Livingstone, Lisa North, Mary Cecilia Goodby, Wayne Dalton

Sex Education in Our Schools: Investigation of Sex Education and Standards in Local Schools
Description: Survey of local educators regarding sex education and resources with the purpose to provide educators a status report of the state of sex education and available resources in local school districts.
ProjectID: 88-3
Class Year: 1988
Project Team: Alethia Coombes, Denise Clifford, Karen Keller, Michael Martello

The Shadowship Program
Description: Pilot program to provide multiple occupational exposures for high school students to enhance their career choice awareness.
ProjectID: 92-1
Class Year: 1992
Project Team: Cindy Gerow, Glenna Teti, Henry Ruhnke, Joel Panzer, Judy Long

Small-Scale Reforestation in an Urban Forest
Description:To increase awareness, education, and outreach related to Monterey Peninsula urban forestry issues and to replant an area impacted by tree disease and human activity with native Monterey pines (pinus radiata).
ProjectID: 2007-4
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: Joyce Giuffre, Leslie Ricketts, Jay Wilkerson

Speakers’ Bureau 1984
Description: Outlines the creation of a resource list for Leadership Monterey Peninsula.
ProjectID: 84-1
Class Year: 1984
Project Team: Elizabeth Atkins, Lorraine Faherty, Penny Morris, Jeffrey Means & Michael Soetaert

A Study on Local Attitudes Regarding Attracting Light Industry to the Monterey Peninsula
Description: Survey Analysis of local industries, government and local agency officials including interviews determining what attracts industry and what hampers competition.
ProjectID: 84-3
Class Year: 1984
Project Team: Diane Duffy, Florence Whitmire, Marilyn Green, Nancy Woodward

A Study on the Needs of Victims of Violent Crime in Monterey County
Description: Project identifies resources available to victims of violent crime in Monterey County and isolate and identify uncovered needs of victims of violent crime.
ProjectID: 91-3
Class Year: 1991
Project Team: Connie Lewtschuk, David Schott, Don R. Jordan, Jeannette Johnston, Katherine Weller

Take Time: Television Series of Local Volunteer Programs
Description: Television features of three local volunteer organizations to be broadcast on Access Monterey Peninsula, public access television. Show covers Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, the City of Monterey and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
ProjectID: 01-2
Class Year: 2001
Project Team: Albert Yoshida, Carl Rebstock, Carol Moreali, Kit Clements, Tish Sammon

Tellus/Diagnos: Coordination Among Constituencies Interested in Disability Issues
Description: Process designed to gather local service providers together to initiate policy coordinating council to strengthen the voice for disability interests in the community.
ProjectID: 00-4
Class Year: 2000
Project Team: Ann Marie Power, Donna Bane, George Meier, Jackie Wendland

Transportation for Seniors
Transportation is an important issue for everyone, and particularly as we get older we start looking for other options to driving in order to get to doctor appointments, social activities, grocery shopping and other outings. An additional concern is public safety: as people age, their reflexes slow and visual acuity fades and they become less capable of driving than maybe they think they are. The question is how do seniors remain engaged in society when they can no longer drive? Transportation is the link that keeps people engaged in life.
ProjectID: 2009-5
Class Year: 2009
Project Team: Margie Fox, Ann Jacobson, Christina Watson

Tri-County In-Kind Distribution System Feasibility Study
Description: This project involved conducting a feasibility study for the creation of a program to distribute dry goods to the needy in our area.
ProjectID: 05-2
Class Year: 2005
Project Team: Ildi Hayman, Kerry Smith BethAnn Skamser, Joella Szabo

Tri-County In-Kind Distribution Program Marketing Plan
Description: The Tri-County In-kind Donation program is in a start-up status. Marketing is critical to its success and future.
ProjectID: 06-1
Class Year: 2006
Project Team: Mary Barker, Vladimir Gorlovetsky, Greta Marlatt, Jim McClenahen, Lynn Menashian

Turning History Inside Out “A Visit to Monterey’s Adobes”
Description: An educational tour for school children through historical buildings in Monterey. Activities focus on Casa Serrano, the Mayo Hayes O’Donnell Library and the Doud House.
ProjectID: 97-1
Class Year: 1997
Project Team: David Jenkins, Holly Blomfield, Pat Medrano, Rich Deal

Urban Reforestation Team
Description: This project focused on developing sustainable and collaborative models for urban reforestation initiatives in Monterey County. Team members built upon LMP Class of 2007 efforts, assisting City of Monterey reforestation efforts by planting, watering and nuturing native Monterey pine saplings in Monterey’s Veteran’s Memorial Park.
ProjectID: 08-2
Class Year: 2008
Project Team: Scott Cote, Kathy Cruz-Uribe, Ron DeHoff, Heather Hubanks, Emily Nicholl, Frank Noguera, Eleanor Uhlinger, Jeannette Witten

Water: Summary of Statements
Description: Summarize statements made regarding the Sam Clemente Dam project to assist the community in understanding the implications of a dam and increase awareness of the available information regarding the Dam’s potential.
ProjectID: 89-2
Class Year: 1989
Project Team: Jim Tritten, Lawrence Espinosa, Merilee Rockefeller, Ron Hansen, Ruth Freeman Luce, Susan Bock

Women Leaders of the Monterey Peninsula
Project ID: 87-2
Class Year: 1987
Project Team: Jeanette Groves, Prenettie Blanton, Jane Haines, Cheryl Jencks, John Locke, Philip Snowdon

Youth Financial Literacy
Description: We will dramatically improve the financial life skills and knowledge of our local Monterey Peninsula youth by establishing financial literacy programs for the high school seniors at Monterey and Central Coast High Schools in the spring of 2007.
ProjectID: 07-5
Class Year: 2007
Project Team: Claudia Vaughan, Rhonda Combs, Kelly Vasquez, Jonathan Garcia

Youth Group
Description: The mission of the LMP youth group was to provide an avenue for young adults to build life skills, develop relationships within the community and to assist in the growth of young individuals.
ProjectID: 2004-1
Class Year: 2004
Project Team: Eric LaMonaco, Pamela Rodriguez, Bill Thayer, Matthew Hohrnan, Cindy Brodsky, Daylene Lewis, Dianna Gamecho

Youth Leadership for the Millennium
Description: Project investigated high-level business trends on the Monterey Peninsula, culminating in a power point presentation.
Project ID: 00-5
Class Year: 2000
Project Team: Renate Robe, Deborah Hardwick, Katherine Miller, Lynn Booth-Scanlon, Byrl Smith

Youth Leadership Project 2001
Description: Continuation and refinement of the class and curriculum developed in Youth Leadership for the Millennium, LMP ’00 Class Project.
Project ID: 01-1
Class Year: 2001
Project Team: Evan Oakes, Jean Sidwell, Kyrrha Sevco, Lauren Cohen, Manuel Arenivaz, Bobbie Kelly

Youth Leadership Program
Description: Continuation of the Youth Leadership Millennium Project from 2000 at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School.
Project ID: 02-2
Class Year: 2002
Project Team: Emily Whitfield, Mary Myles, Dennis Johnson, Cynthia Dusenbury, Bryndie Beach, Beth Rosenblum, Tom Williams

Youth Leadership Project 2005-Friends of the Salinas Public Library
Description: Friends of the Salinas Public Library (FOSPL) needed students to volunteer during their book sale. The students assisted by stocking tables with books and also assisted customers by taking their purchases out to their cars. The students earned community service hours and we helped this organization by recruiting student volunteers.
ProjectID: 05-1
Class Year: 2005
Project Team: LuAnne Hutchings, Janet Reilly, Nonita Fortman, Doug Riparetti